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We provide our clients with ideal Agricultural products for export to any part of the world. We work with farmers who produce crops at best farming conditions, while we select the best and process them for export.  Our export network span from within Africa to Asia, Middle-East, Europe and North America. We process only the best quality from our agro-products for export.

Below are a list of our agro-exports


Hibeez Global Nigeria are major exporters of sesame seeds in Africa. This seed has a wide variety of relative spread in Africa. As a result of the drought-resistant nature of the plant, it thrives well in West , Middle Belt and Northern Nigeria.

Nigeria currently produces about 300,000 tonnes of Sesame Seeds and we are proud to be one of its major dealers. Our Seasame seeds are free from water damage, infestation and pests. Quality is of the best in texture, taste and scent and 100% fit for human consumption.



To fulfill the demands of our customers, our company deals in offering a wide range of Dried Cashew Nut. We get supply of dried cashew nuts directly from farmers. The Dried Cashew Nut we offer is 100% pure and free from adulterations and artificial aroma. Dried Cashew Nut can be roasted, fried and can be eaten in a raw form as well. In addition to this, Dried Cashew Nut moisture free and has high nutritive value.

Cashew nuts exported by Hibeez Global is remarkable for its original taste, nutritional value and hygienic packaging.


We locally source dried ginger in various states of Nigeria. The list of ginger uses is almost endless, being a pungent spicy herb and one of the more popular food spices. They range from baked products like gingerbread, ginger biscuits and ginger cookies to drinks like ginger tea, ginger beer, ginger ale. Ginger is highly demanded for in Europe and America with United Kingdom, Germany, Caribbeans, Spain, Netherlands, Russia and Saudi Arabia being the major markets.

The oil is extracted and distilled from rhizomes for various uses in confectionery, perfumery, beverages and pharmaceuticals. Dried ginger is used predominantly for flavouring coffee especially in the Middle East. It contains medicinal qualities and it is also used to calm nausea and aid digestion.

Hibeez global exports Grade A ginger to countries all around the world. Our ginger is well packaged in weights requested by our clients.


Gum arabic kibbled form is the product which comes from kibbling size(crushing) of the dry exudates obtained from the stems and branches of acacia senegal var. senegal. Gum Arabic is also grown in Nigeria and is one of  our major crop exports. Gum Arabic is a typical kind of ‘high concentration with low viscosity’ gum. it is natural emulsifier, glazing agent, suspending agent,stabilizer, adhesive, film former. Arabic gum powder is widely used in essence, spice, candy, baking products,soft drinks and other products.

Main composition: Arabinose, Rhamnose , Galactose , Glucuronic acid


Emulsification and stability the oil, Candy, Baking products, Soft drinks Drugs manufacturing, Comestics, Adhesive agent, Papermaking

We sell Gum Arabic in kilograms based on clients request. Packaging is of the highest quality.


Neem seed is available in vast quantity in Nigeria. We are capable exporters of good quality need seed and we employ top-notch packaging to ensure safe logistics anywhere in the world to our esteemed customers.


We export locally cultivated soybeans from Nigeria at Hibeez Global Nigeria Ltd. Soybean has been recognized in the country as an important food crop that contains about 40 percent high quality protein and about 20per cent oil. Industrial and domestic processing of soybean has given rise to numerous products utilized for both human and animal consumption. The importance of soybean in food security  cannot be overemphasized.

Nigeria is the largest producer of soybean in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), followed by South Africa.We are proud to be partners in showcasing our endowed crop products worldwide. Soyabean exported by our company uses the best packaging to make sure product is safe for customer either for industrial or consumer use.


We deal in the supply of cocoa beans to serious customers all over the World. We supply cocoa to any client regardless of the amount of cocoa needed. Our company only distributes the best cocoa beans and makes sure the beans are free of pests and rodents.

Cocoa Benefits

  • Food and beverages
  • Drugs
  • Wine

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